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Cas etrange du Docteur Jekyll

Author Stevenson, Robert Louis [transl. Mme B.-J. Lowe]
Title Cas etrange du Docteur Jekyll
Imprint Paris: Librairie Plon
Date of Publication [1890]
Language French
Notes The first French edition of Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is one of those books which one would automatically assume could be found in the National Library of Scotland. However, this seems to be an extremely rare book, which was not included in the extensive library of Stevenson's works collected by Edwin J. Beinecke. One copy is located in the Bibliotheque Nationale. The rarity of this work is something of a puzzle as the book is a typical yellow paperback, the format in which many popular works were published in the late nineteenth century. Perhaps the other copies were simply read to death. The copy we have just acquired is in near-mint condition.
Shelfmark RB.s.2295
Reference Sources Beinecke
Acquired on 28/08/03
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