Summary of charges

This page gives a summary of the cost of print-outs from searches carried out by the Science Information Service at the National Library of Scotland.

Please note that VAT at 17.5% will be added as applicable.

Web / electronic resources

  • 13p per page for single-sided print-out and 20p for double-sided print-out.
  • STN: at present there is no charge for this service. However, searching must be carried out by a member of Science Information Service staff.

Minimum charges: There will be a minimum charge of £6.30 for emailing data, photocopying or printing. We add postage rates where necessary.


  • 60p per page for UK addresses
  • £1.20 per page for international addresses.

Inter-library loans

For information on charges, see Inter-Library Loans.


See separate page with information on copying services.

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