Science festivals, events and centres

Here is a list of websites giving details of some of the science-related events, festivals, centres and visitor attractions in Scotland.

Science festivals

  • Edinburgh International Science Festival
    Takes place annually in April. Find out more on the Edinburgh International Science Festival website.
  • Orkney International Science Festival
    Takes place annually in September. Contact for more information, or find them on on Facebook at Orkney International Science Festival and get Festival updates on Twitter on @OrkSciFest.
  • TechFest
    The only annual science and technology festival staged in the north-east of Scotland that is open to children and adults of all ages. It aims to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The festival has a public programme, a primary schools programme, and secondary schools programme. For more information or to receive updates contact TechFest-SetPoint.

 Scientific centres and visitor attractions

  • Deep Sea World (North Queensferry)
    The underwater tunnel alone makes this Fife attraction well worth a visit.
  • Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World
    An ideal venue if you are into butterflies, spiders, snakes and scorpions. Animal handling and feeding can be part of the experience.
  • Edinburgh Zoo
    One hundred years old in 2013, the zoo has several special attractions, not least of them two giant pandas on loan from China.
  • Glasgow Science Centre
    The centre has over 300 interactive science exhibits, and a floor devoted to BodyWorks, an exhibition that explores the science behind human health and well-being. Schools can arrange visits as part of the centre's education programme
  • National Museums of Scotland (Edinburgh)
    Sometimes the opening of new high-profile science centres make us forget that there have been interactive, hands-on science centres available to us for a long time. The National Museums of Scotland continue to offer a wide range of interesting things to see and do.
  • Natural History Centre
    Using the Cruickshank Botanic Garden, Zoology Museum and a hands-on activity classroom, this environmental education centre at the University of Aberdeen aims to interest everyone in our living world.
  • Our Dynamic Earth (Edinburgh)
    Tells the story of our planet in approximately 90 minutes!
  • Royal Botanic Garden (Edinburgh)
    This site gives information on the Royal Botanic Garden and some of the other botanic gardens in Scotland.
  • Royal Observatory Visitor Centre (Edinburgh)
    Housed in an 1894 Observatory, this centre contains several exhibition areas, two telescopes and a gift shop.
  • Satrosphere (Aberdeen)
    Aberdeen's hands-on discovery centre.
  • National Museum of Science and Industry (London)
    Although this museum is based in London, their website, giving access to online exhibitions and a host of other information, allows this to be included here.
  • Scotland's Secret Bunker ('somewhere' near St Andrews)
    During the Cold War this bunker served as a communications centre and was intended to house Scotland's senior ministers and other key personnel in the event of a nuclear strike. A public visitor attraction since 1994, the bunker now serves as a sinister reminder of recent history. The site includes a map.
  • Sensation (Dundee)
    Dundee's innovative science centre, offering unique interactive exhibits.

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