Hugh Bryden

Hugh Bryden is one of the poets we chose to feature for National Poetry Day 2008.

Cover of 'If Ah could talk'

Hugh Bryden is a writer and artist based in Dumfries. He worked as an art teacher before founding Roncadora Press, and now concentrates on artists' books and printmaking.

These two poems are taken from 'If Ah could talk tae the artists', published by Roncadora Press.


'Ere Vincent,
there youse were, luggin canvases
aboot the countryside,
lobbin paint on tae thum.
Ah could wax lyrical aboot yer talent,
beat the drum, blow yer trumpet,
pinna medal on ye.
Yet maist fowk ken ye fur jist want thing,
an Ah widnae lower the conversation
bi mentioning that cartilaginous portion
— or lack o it.
— at least no in earshot!



Damien Hirst, ye mist be the worst,
but mibbe no, Tracy's show,
the bed, no the tent,
wis affy coorse.
So whit's it a meant,
the Saatchi lies, the Turner prize,
it's a bin cursed, the bubbles burst.


National Poetry Day 2008


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