Alistair McDonald

Alistair McDonald is one of the poets we chose to feature for National Poetry Day 2009.

Cover of 'The flood'

Alistair McDonald was born and brought up in Edinburgh but now lives in Argyll. He is married with four school-age children and is a university lecturer in nursing.

Alistair began writing poetry at 14, although from the age of 22 until more recently he favoured drawing and painting.

In 2001 he completed a MLitt in creative writing at Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities. As well as poetry, he writes and illustrates stories for children.

These two poems are taken from 'The flood', published by Classical Head Press.



A slippery substance, wet
and sliding, slopping, slithering;
here and there-ing;
no tying it, nailing it down
it finds
its own level,
the hole in the bucket.




Remember when we crawled
exhausted and gasping,
some new amorphous thing,
out of the salty amnion
of our mother, the sea?
Remember how we sprawled
so wet and limply forlorn,
cast apart like drifted weed
beached alone on life's tideline?


National Poetry Day 2009



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