Christie Williamson

We feature work by poet Christie Williamson to mark National Poetry Day 2010.

'Arc O Mons' cover
Cover artwork by Diana Leslie.

Christie Williamson spent his earliest years in Yell, the second largest island in Shetland. He now lives in Glasgow. Christie's poetry has been published in various magazines including the 'New Shetlander' and 'Lallans'.

'Arc O Möns' is Christie's first poetry collection. The pamphlet contains poetry in Spanish by Federico García Lorca and Christie's translation of each poem into the Shetland dialect. The poetry is accompanied by artwork by Diana Leslie, a prize-winning Orcadian artist. Christie first produced Shetland dialect translations of Federico García Lorca's poetry for the play 'Lorca's shadow' at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2006.

These two poems are taken from 'Arc O Möns', published by Hansel Cooperative Press. 'Arc O Möns' was joint winner of the 2010 Callum Macdonald Memorial Award.


Canción de Jinete

Lejana y sola.

Jaca negra, luna grande,
y aceitunas en mi alforja.
Aunque sepa los caminos
yo nunca llegaré a Córdoba.

Por el llano, por el viento,
jaca negra, luna roja.
La muerte me está mirando
desde las torres de Córdoba.

¡Ay qué camino tan largo!
¡Ay mi jaca valerosa!
¡Ay que la muerte me espera,
antes de llegar a Córdoba!

Lejana y sola.



Da Sang O Da Rider

Faur awa an lanerly.

Black horse, foo mön
an olives i mi saddle bag.
Although I keen da rodds ahead
A'll nivver win ta Cordoba.

Trowe da wind, trowe da plain
black horse, rid mön.
Daeth is watchin me
fae da tooers o Cordoba.

Ah, foo lang da rodd is!
Ah, mi brave horse!
Ah, foo daeth waets for me
afore I win tae Cordoba!

Faur awa an lanerly.


National Poetry Day 2010


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