Anna Davis

We feature work by poet Anna Davis to mark National Poetry Day 2011.

Cover of book 'An illustrated book about birds'

Anna Davis is a painter and printmaker who brings her poetry and images together in booklets and handmade artist books. She lives and works in East Lothian.  

Anna has had her work published in 'Northwords Now' and 'The Rialto'. She was a prize winner in the Tonbridge Poetry Competition 2007 and commended in the Brownsbank International Open Poetry Competition 2006.

These two poems are taken from 'An illustrated book about birds'.



The sun lies on my lap, like a lover.
I close my eyes and listen
to a skylark far above me, with notes passing
through spilled harmonies, reflexed
corrections that trill and lift, jumping octaves
in a sequence of continuous breathless song.
A distant solitary point in blue,
claiming his space, at its apex.
Canvassing the brown dust fields.
Calling for a mate, calling up the first shoots of barley,
calling calves to heave their wet bodies onto hay.
The grass vibrates and green silk leaves unfold
to his song, a key to the wind. He sings,
I am me, this is mine, I am yours.



Spring fall

A wren's nest
of wind-blown,

bound bog cotton,
slipped through

and hawthorn.

with legs thin

as cow hair,
lifted up

their spiked bodies
onto a spindle of air.


National Poetry Day 2011

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