Sheena Berry

We feature work by poet Sheena Berry to mark National Poetry Day 2011.

Cover of book 'Threading a Viking'

Sheena Berry has been working in primary education for the past 20 years and is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art (Design and Crafts in 1972).

Born in Kirkcaldy in 1950, she has lived in Orkney, where she ran her own business producing printed textiles. She also lived in Bangalore, India, where she taught creative arts to children with cerebral palsy.

Sheena has been writing poetry for the past 10 years.

These two poems are taken from 'Threading a Viking', her first published collection


Threading a Viking

Waves funnel multiple layers curved to overlap
and sit bent together as we flow smoothly
through sliced surfaces of water.
Fine threads plucked and woven an age since
hang still against rain every droplet
a web on our sail to enclose wind.
Watch as it swans out to catch movements of time
through our bodies flying to another shore
far distant from our place of birth.

The chance to discover an unknown land pulls us
through the air reel to reel fastened secured
the game piece set for fortune seeks our hands
and leads the stone to hold us here as all power
leaps ahead of us till we find schemes to rivet our lives
with skills honed to last till we are tied together
by our Viking threads.



Mute Bird Singing

mute bird singing
on the wire
not landing
it cannot hear
the stillness
mind masked from thoughts
by overwhelming emotion
distress which cannot be imagined
over and about me
words come
with no comfort
not made by you
but propelled into motion
spoken and delivered
living cannot be regained from death
dying takes all with it
bringing utter stillness

mute bird singing
on the wire
not held but in perpetual motion
not landing
it cannot hear
the stillness
the requiem to grief

speaking but not understood
singing but not heard

dew on the leaf
cobwebs shimmering
sun dancing on water
balmy wind on my face
bees on flowers hunting for nectar
all will come again
in the passing


National Poetry Day 2011

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