Guide to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) research resources

Poster for 'Twilight shift' play showing two men
Poster for 'Twilight shift'
by Jackie Kay, from the
7:84 Scotland archive at NLS.

This guide gives an overview of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) material available in the National Library of Scotland's collections and elsewhere.

Our list is not comprehensive, and if you know of other collections or resources that researchers could find useful we would be interested to hear about them. Please email the details to

National Library of Scotland

Research resources include:

  • Archives relating to LGBT activism, including the papers of:
  • Literary and personal papers of Scottish writers including:
    • Edwin Morgan [MSS.27493-27494, Acc. 8848 and Acc. 12948]
    • Chris Whyte [Acc.11654 (PDF) (3 pages; 80 KB), Acc.12673 and Acc. 13271]
    • Florence Russell [Acc.10639 (PDF) (3 pages; 36 KB)]
    • Norman Douglas [Acc.11365 (PDF) (5 pages; 68 KB)]
    • Fred Urquhart [MSS.26992-26997 and Acc.13052]
    • John Gray and Marc-André Raffalovich (the Gray and Raffalovich papers) [Dep.372 (PDF) (4 pages; 73 KB)]
  • Other collections that may be of interest:
    • Robert Boothby papers [Acc. 12929]
    • The volume of letters of Lord Alfred Douglas [MS.9925]
  • Archives of the Traverse and 7:84 Scotland theatre companies, which have consistently addressed LGBT issues in their productions
  • Records of the Scottish Council on Civil Liberties and the Scottish Human Rights Centre [Acc. 12971 and 12972]
  • Papers of consultant in psychological medicine William Ronald Dodds Fairbairn [Acc. 11258/95, 99 (xvi), 120 and 144].

Modern printed books and periodicals

We aim to collect all Scottish, most UK, and much significant non-UK published material of LGBT interest, all accessible through the main catalogue:

  • Works by LGBT novelists, poets, and dramatists
  • Works by and about LGBT figures of all periods
  • Academic and popular works on LGBT themes
  • Periodicals such as 'Gay Scotland', 'Pulse', 'Pride Scotland News', 'GM8', 'Scots Scene' and many others.

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