'21st-century libraries'

Audio recording of dicussion event on 17 March 2011

The orthodoxies, role and value of libraries - and the place of paper in an increasingly digital age - were discussed at this National of Scotland panel event.

The panel consisted of:

  • Martyn Wade FRSA (National Librarian)
  • Chris Banks FRSA (University Librarian, University of Aberdeen)
  • Karen Cunningham (Head of Libraries, Glasgow City Council).

They considered topics such as:

  • What physical designs should 21st-century libraries have, and what role?
  • With immediately accessible information online, do libraries remain important?

The discussion was chaired by Ann Packard of the Royal Society of Arts. It was followed by a a lively question-and-answer session that touched on many different opinions.

Recording © National Library of Scotland. Opinions in expressed in this recording do not necessarily reflect those of the National Library of Scotland.


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