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Robert Louis Stevenson displays

13-16 November

Photo of Robert Louis Stevenson

For a limited time on 13 November, we are displaying a collection of rare material relating to Robert Louis Stevenson.

First editions of Stevenson's works will be among the material on show from the national collections to mark Robert Louis Stevenson Day. We will publish the opening hours of this special display nearer the time.

From 13-16 November, we will have a smaller display of Stevenson items in the main foyer.

Both displays will be in our George IV Bridge Building.

In the evening on Thursday 13, NLS Curator Andrew Martin will give a Robert Louis Stevenson Day talk.


'Behind the lines: Personal stories of the First World War'

27 June to 11 November

Illustration of kilted marching soldiers

As the centenary of its outbreak is marked around the world, our exhibition explores Scotland's story of the First World War.

We tell the personal experiences of some of the men and women who lived, and died, during this momentous period in history.

That there was no such thing as a typical experience is reflected in papers we have selected from our wonderfully rich collections.

They offer a window into the diverse wartime experiences of a variety of individuals, from the soldier or nurse at the front to grieving parents, and from the conscientious objector to the general.

More about 'Behind the lines'



Treasures displays

Permanent display area with themes changed regularly.

Manuscript and title page of 'Waverley' novel

View a small sample of the many treasures in NLS collections. From hand-written documents to printed books, maps, musical scores, bindings and other art work.

All our treasures are important pieces of Scotland's cultural heritage. Some are unique. Some are beautiful. Some are huge. Some are tiny. Some are rarely seen in public because their age makes them fragile.

Throughout the year we will change the theme of the treasures display, bringing to light more of the millions of items we hold.


The John Murray Archive

Permanent exhibition.

Lady Caroline Lamb
Lady Caroline Lamb.

The writers and thinkers of John Murray's publishing firm shaped the modern world through their works of literature, science, exploration and politics.

This exhibition draws on material from the John Murray Archive. It uses state-of-the-art exhibition technology to bring to life the work and lives of a selection of the publisher's most influential figures.

Those featured in the present line-up include Lord Byron, Lady Caroline Lamb, Charles Darwin and David Livingstone.

Learn how they contributed to one of the greatest periods of human progress and creativity. See if you could publish your own international bestseller.


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