The Boston Massacre

Engraving depicting soldiers firing on civilians

Illustration of the Boston Massacre, based on an engraving by Henry Pelham.


This illustration was published in 'A short narrative of the horrid massacre in Boston' by James Bowdoin, Joseph Warren and Samuel Pemberton.

The book was published in London in 1770 by E and C Dilly, and J Almon.

Boston was a centre for protest against British rule and taxation. British troops were sent to maintain order but this caused greater resentment.

During a protest on 5 March 1770, outnumbered British soldiers panicked and opened fire, killing five Americans in what became known as 'the Boston Massacre'.

[NLS reference: E.136.e.4(2)]


This item featured in our display about American independence, which ran from 4 July to 16 September 2012.


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