'Official letters to the Honorable American Congress'


Title page of George Washington's own copy of his 'Official letters to the Honorable American Congress', with his signature.


In 1795, John Carey, editor of 'Official letters', sent these volumes to George Washington. They contained Carey's 'manuscript remarks' indicating his editorial methods.

'Official letters' represents Washington's integral role in America's fight for independence

Comprising 'documents relating to the contest of the colonies and the mother country', it enables readers to trace the first four years of the conflict through the eyes of one of the American Revolution's most influential participants.

This unique copy of 'Official letters' entered Scotland's national collection in 1938 when the library of Hugh Sharp (1897-1937), bibliophile and wealthy jute manufacturer, was donated by his family after his death.

It was printed in London for Cadell Junior and Davies in 1795, in two volumes.

[NLS reference: H.S.597-598]

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This item featured in our display about American independence, which ran from 4 July to 16 September 2012.


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