'Pride and Prejudice' — A Victorian illustration

Illustration of Elizabeth Bennet and Lady Catherine de Bourgh
'Miss Bennet, do you know who I am?'
One of Christiana Hammond's illustrations in the 1900 edition.

Our display includes the work of some of the best-known illustrators of 'Pride and Prejudice', but it also rediscovers some forgotten delights.

One of them is an illustrated edition from 1900, with engravings by Christiana Hammond (1860-1900), one of the few women to have illustrated Jane Austen's story.

In the scene shown here, the arrogant Lady Catherine de Bourgh confronts Elizabeth Bennet, convinced that Elizabeth is not good enough to marry her nephew, Mr Darcy. Ironically her intervention brings about the couple's eventual reconciliation.

This moment, which occurs towards the end of the novel, seems to have captured the imagination of almost every illustrator.


Illustrated editions of the book featured in our display '200 years of "Pride and Prejudice": From Austen to zombies', which , which ran at the National Library of Scotland from 10 July to 15 September 2013.


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