J T McIntosh

Cover of 'World out of mind'
Cover of 'Flight from rebirth'

Two of the science fiction works by J T McIntosh that are in the National Library of Scotland's collections.

J T McIntosh was the pseudonym of Scottish writer James Murdoch MacGregor. Aged 13 he wrote 'The diamond' and this sci-fi work was an early indication of an interest in the genre that lasted throughout his life.

He was Scotland's first major writer of science fiction. Publication of his stories began in the sci-fi magazines that sprang up in the 1950s, including 'Nebula'. His first published story was 'The curfew tolls' which appeared in 'Astounding science fiction' magazine in December 1950.

'World out of mind' is a tale of Earth preparing to meet alien invaders intent on defeating the planet. It was first published in America by Doubleday in 1953 and in the UK by Museum Press in 1955.

In 'Flight from rebirth', McIntosh recounts one man's attempts to stay unnoticed in a society that rejuvenates people and erases their former memories. It was published in the UK in 1973 by Hale, two years after Avon Books published it in the USA.


J T McIntosh book covers featured in our science fiction display, which ran from 28 March to 30 June 2012.


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