Dr Edward Wilson

Photo of Dr Edward Wilson

Memorial postcard showing Dr Edward Wilson in the Antarctic.


Herbert Ponting's photo of Edward Wilson was used for a memorial postcard issued as part of a series commemorating the dead polar heroes.

Wilson was second in command of the British Antarctic Expediton of 1910-1913. He was also its lead scientist. Reaching the South Pole was one of the expedition's aims — but scientific discovery was just as important.

Scott and Wilson were close friends, and together had hatched the plan for the expedition.

Wilson was also a talented artist, and some of his drawings were used in Louis Charles Bernacchi's biography of Oates, another of the pole party, who died in the harsh Antarctic a few days before Wilson.


[NLS shelfmark: GB/A.3812(10)]


This memorial postcard featured in our display on 'Scott's last expedition', which ran from 12 January to 25 March 2012.


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