Scott letter about Antarctic expedition donation

Handwritten letter from Captain Scott

In 1909, Robert Falcon Scott wrote to publisher John Murray about a donation to the British Antarctic Expedition.


Captain Scott embarked on an extensive campaign to fund his expedition to explore the Antarctic and reach the South Pole.

Donations came from all sorts of sources, including schools.

In this letter, dated 13 November 1909, Scott apologises to publisher John Murray for approaching him for money twice. He writes:

'Dear Mr Murray

'I must apologise for the fact that you have received two communications from me, it was an unintentional overlap in a desire to widen my appeal.

'I quite understand that you must have numerous calls on your generosity and that times are bad. I only seek the donations which those who can afford can give with appreciation of the relative importance of the object.

'Yours very truly

'R Scott.'

[NLS reference: MS.41072,f.163]

Scott's fundraising efforts were boosted by pre-expedition dinners which brought explorers and potential sponsors together.

However, funding for the venture was extremely tight, and Scott was still searching for money after the expedition set sail from Cardiff on the 'Terra Nova' in 1910.


This letter featured in our display on 'Scott's last expedition', which ran from 12 January to 25 March 2012.


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