'Terra Nova' stranded in ice

Photo of the Antarctic expedition ship 'Terra Nova'

'The "Terra Nova" icebound. Photograph by Herbert G Ponting'.

Herbert Ponting's photo shows the ship of the British Antarctic Expedition of 1910-1913 stranded in Antarctic ice.

Pointing was the first man to film in Antarctica, recording the expedition on his kinematograph.

He saw himself as a 'camera artist', and had an exceptional talent for composition.

He has left an extraordinarily vivid record of the expedition.

Some of the images he took of members of the expedition were used for postcards commemorating the five men, including Captain Scott and Dr Edward Wilson, who died on the way back from the South Pole.

Ponting's photos were reproduced in 'With Scott to the Pole: the Terra Nova expedition 1910-1914', published by Bloomsbury in 2004. [NLS shelfmark: GB/A.3812(10)] This book featured in our display on 'Scott's last expedition', which ran from 12 January to 25 March 2012.


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