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R — Renton

Renton character on 'Trainspotting' book cover

Ewan McGregor as Renton, on the cover of 'Trainspotting' by Irvine Welsh.


'– Ah'm a curator at the museums section of the District Council’s Recreation Department. Ah work wi the social history collection, based mainly at the People's Story on the High Street, Renton lied, delving into his portfolio of bogus employment identities.

'They looked impressed, if slightly baffled, which was just the reaction he had hoped for. Encouraged, he attempted to score more Brownie points by projecting himself as the modest type who didn't take himself seriously, and self-deprecatingly added:

'– Ah rake around in people's rubbish for things that’ve been discarded, and present them as authentic historical artefacts ay working people's everday lives. Th ah make sure that they dinnae fall apart when they'e oan exhibition.'

Renton in 'Trainspotting' by Irvine Welsh


An ABC of Scotland

Renton was just one of the 'R' topics in our alphabetical exhibition celebrating some of the outstanding achievements by Scotland and Scots.

'Wha's like us?' ran from 13 December 2013 to 18 May 2014.

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