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Summary of these resources:


  • About the main catalogue
    The main catalogue has over four million records, covering most of our printed material, recent music items, printed maps and atlases and some manuscript maps. Search the main catalogue
  • Catalogues, databases and indexes
    Some collection items are not listed in the main catalogue, but you can find details of them in other catalogues, databases and indexes. Some of these resources also list material found in other Scottish libraries and elsewhere.
  • Manual catalogues
    Find out about catalogues that are not online, but which you might find useful if you are visiting our reading rooms.

Search and browse digitised material

  • Digital gallery
    Explore our growing range of special web features. See items scanned from our collections. Read books and manuscripts online.
  • eResources (formerly Licensed digital collections)
    Thousands of subscription journals, books and websites are available for you to use free online if you have registered for a library card. Others are available to everyone.
  • Map images
    Search the Map images website, or browse lists of maps and mapmakers. Thousands of maps from our collections are freely available for you to use.
  • Moving Image Archive catalogue
    Search the catalogue records of the National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive (formerly Scottish Screen Archive). You can watch films and film clips too.
  • SCOTBIS Online
    Our business website has searchable databases that are useful to Scottish businesses and to anyone looking to start up a business. The site also has details of search services that we can offer.

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  • Subjects A-Z list
    We have listed here some of the main subjects on the site to help you find particular topics and pages.
  • Site map
    Browse a list of pages in the main section of the website, or use the site search box.