Guide for donors to the collections

We do not have a single contact point for people who may want to donate a book or other item to the National Library of Scotland. The questions here are designed to guide your initial enquiry to the right source.

To invest in the development of the Library by making a financial donation, please visit the Support NLS pages.


Are you the UK or Irish publisher of the print or non-print publication you are donating?

Yes? See our information on legal deposit entitlement.

No? Please read on.


Is the item a manuscript?

A handwritten book or book published only as a single copy is described as a 'manuscript'. The term also applies to letters and handwritten poems, diaries and journals.

Yes? See our Manuscripts Collections section.

No? Please read on.


Is the item a map, or a book mainly about or containing maps or relating to maps?

Yes? See our Maps Collections section.

No? Please read on.


Is the item a piece of music, or about music?

Yes? See our Music Collections section.

No? Please read on.


Was the book published before or after 1900?

Before? See our Rare Books Collections section.

After? Please email donations enquiries.


National Library collecting strategy

If it would help to know the scope of our collection policy, you will find our integrated collecting strategy (2008) available to view and download as a PDF from our policy documents page.


Contact us

We will be pleased to answer your questions if the item you have to donate is not covered by the categories above. Email donations enquiries.


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