Inter-Regional Unit

IRU cost scheme for loans

The Circle of Officers of National and Regional Library Systems (Conarls) operates the Inter-Regional Unit cost scheme to reduce inter-lending costs for libraries. Membership of the IRU is free and is open to all UK libraries.

See a list of IRU participants on the Conarls website. Please note that NLS does not participate in the scheme itself, although we do administer membership of the scheme on behalf of Conarls.

Rates for non-participants

Libraries that do not participate in the IRU schemes are charged the British Library rates for their library. Libraries that charge higher prices should expect to be charged a reciprocal amount.

Please note: The scheme does not cover the supply of photocopies, which are normally supplied at standard British Library rates.

Making requests under the IRU scheme

Under the IRU scheme you can make a request on virtually any type of form, email, etc., to another IRU member library.

Participating libraries need to supply the following information on each request to enable crediting / debiting of libraries' accounts via the British Library's 'Banker function':

  • The requester's BLDSC Customer Code (87-xxxx)
  • A unique reference for the request
  • A statement that the requesting library is part of the IRU scheme

How to register for the IRU scheme

Email NLS Reference Services to register for the scheme.


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