Guide for publishers

Legal deposit

The National Library of Scotland is Scotland's legal deposit library. Under the terms of the Legal Deposit Libraries Act 2003 and reciprocal Irish legislation, we have the right to request and receive a copy of every printed publication produced in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Since 6 April 2013, the Legal Deposit Libraries (Non-Print) Regulations 2013 have extended this to include the right to request or harvest UK electronic publications and websites.


Scottish material

We place particular emphasis on building and maintaining collections of material published in or relating to Scotland or the Scots on any subject.

This approach has resulted us having a unique and varied resource that has been built up over more than 300 years.


What to send

If you are already depositing your printed publications with the National Library of Scotland or with the Agency for the Legal Deposit Libraries, please continue to do so, as they are a very important addition to the National Published Archive.

If you only produce electronic publications, please email us at

If a publication is produced in both print and electronic formats, only one format is subject to deposit, with the default remaining print unless both the publisher and the legal deposit libraries agree otherwise.

In the absence of such an agreement, the libraries will only request and collect electronic publications where there is no print equivalent. 


Where to send your print publications

UK and Irish publishers can choose either to send printed legal deposit material direct to an individual legal deposit library or to the Agency for Legal Deposit Libraries, which acts on behalf of five of the legal deposit libraries in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Email us at to send material to the National Library of Scotland, or for further information.


How to deposit your electronic publications

Contact us at to find out how to deposit electronic publications. Please note:

  • UK websites are being harvested by the British Library
  • Recorded sound and film are outwith the scope of the 2013 regulations.


Looking for images?

If you are looking for visual resources, it might be possible for us to supply a limited number of images for publication.

We are happy to help with this, and recommend that you check the pages on the site dealing with copying services, which includes digital imaging, and permission to reproduce. Fees charged for copying services are also online. Further information on specific material can be found in our sections on the Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Maps Collections pages.



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