Copying services

We offer a wide range of copying services, and are happy to supply copies of material from our collections. Sometimes we cannot copy material — or cannot copy it in certain ways — due to copyright restrictions or the need to protect the collections from wear and tear.

We offer a restricted level of self-service photocopying for the General Reading Room.


Permission to re-use material

To publish, adapt, show, or otherwise re-use materials you need permission from the Library and any third party rights holders. Copies supplied through our Imaging Services are only for personal, private use and must not be published or re-used without permission. We are working to provide freely re-useable digital content through our websites using Creative Commons licences.

However, re-use of material often requires specific permission from the Library. See our section on permission to re-use material, which includes information on our terms and fees.


VAT and additional charges

We add VAT, where applicable, at the present rate. We may make additional charges for:

  • Handling surcharges, where we need to do extra work to fulfil orders
  • Sending files by file transfer protocol (ftp)
  • Express service orders.


  • Copying by Library staff
    For conservation reasons, to reduce wear and tear, our staff will carry out non-self-service copying from any bound volumes on specially designed scanning equipment linked to a digital output device. This method of copying protects the material from damage.
  • Self-service copying
    We reserve the right to refuse permission for self-service photocopying of fragile material and, in all cases, to specify the copying process to be used.


We will try to complete orders as quickly as possible. To find out delivery times for reprographic orders, email


Permission fees

Reprographic prices do not include permission fees for re-using material or any licence fees where applicable. For details, see our pages on permission to re-use material and our permission fees.


Image manipulation

We will charge for any image manipulation or digital retouching on a time basis at the rate of £25 per hour.


Copyright restrictions

Copyright restrictions often apply to copying. For advice, email


Size guide

  • A4 — 210 x 297mm
  • A3 — 297 x 420mm
  • A2 — 420 x 594mm
  • A1 — 594 x 841mm
  • A0 — 841 x 1189mm.


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