Staff Directory


Guven, MuratHead of Resources

Security and Cleaning Services


Lamb, MarkSecurity and Cleaning Services Manager

Cleaning Team

Brown, FrazierCleaner  
Burns, MarionCleaner  
Clark, MargaretCleaner  
Dommershuizen, IanCleaner  
Graham, StuartCleaner  
Hernandez, AntonioCleaner  
Ho, CarissaCleaner  
Jerez, IsabelCleaner  
Johnson, HeatherCleaner  
Knox, JosieCleaning Team Leader  
Lennon, SusanCleaner  
Lufniak, KatarzynaCleaner  
MacLeod, AnnCleaner  
McPherson, GayleCleaner  
McVie, KennethCleaner  
Rudkin, EricCleaner  
Skonupka, TeresaCleaner  
Thomson, IanCleaner  
Walczak, DorotaCleaner  
Wronska, HannaCleaner  

Security Team

Arnot, StuartSecurity Officer  
Brown, VinceSecurity Officer  
Clark, StevenSecurity Officer  
Clugston, StevenSecurity Officer  
Dick, DouglasSecurity Officer  
Erskine, StuartSecurity Officer  
Fernon, TerrySecurity Officer  
Hoffmann, IainSecurity Officer  
Jack, MarySecurity Officer  
Kovacova, JanaSecurity Officer  
Laing, CarolineSecurity Officer  
Mackenzie, DerekSecurity Officer  
McManus, DerekSecurity Officer  
McShane, FrankSecurity Officer  
Meaney, HarrySecurity Officer  
Moffat, AndrewSecurity Officer  
Oliver, JohnSecurity Officer  
Payne, GrahamSecurity Officer  
Quinn, JamesSecurity Team Leader  
Redpath, KennySecurity Officer  

Collection Support Services


Scott, StevenCollection Support Services Manager

Collection Support Services

Craighead, EdwardCollection Support Service Assistant  
Dixon, AnthonyCollection Support Service Assistant  
Finnen, BrianCollection Support Service Assistant  
Fraser, RaymondCollection Support Service Assistant  
Green, GeorgeCollection Support Service Assistant  
Hoggan, StephenCollection Support Service Assistant  
Hutchison, IainCollection Support Service Assistant  
Laing, IainCollection Support Service Assistant  
Leung, PatrickCollection Support Service Assistant  
Malko, AndrewCollection Support Service Assistant  
Marjoribanks, WilliamCollection Support Service Assistant  
Martin, KennethCollection Support Service Assistant  
O'Hara, AlecCollection Support Service Assistant  
Petrie, GeorgeCollection Support Service Assistant  
Shand, ColinCollection Support Service Assistant  
Stanley, GeorgeCollection Support Service Manager  
Taylor, MichaelCollection Support Service Assistant  
Walker, ThomasCollection Support Service Manager  
Young, JamesCollection Support Service Manager  

Porter-Messenger Unit

Black, DavidCSS Porter/Driver  
Brumfitt, DavidCSS Porter/Driver  
Hendry, WilliamCSS Porter/Driver  
Milne, WilliamCollection Support Service Manager  
Moir, RossCSS Porter/Driver  
Smiles, DerekCSS Porter/Driver  
Verstage, LloydCSS Porter/Driver  
Yeaman, AlanCSS Porter/Driver  


Fowler, AdrianReprographic Operator  
Gibson, AlisonReprographic Operator  
Hardie, JohnReprographic Operator  
James, RobertReprographic Operator  
Morrison, GeorgeReprographics Manager  

Information Services

IS Infrastructure Team

Alexander, WillieInformation Systems Systems Officer  
Anderson, IainInformation Systems Infrastructure Manager  
Anderson, IainMacKayInformation Systems Infrastructure Manager  
McLachlan, GraemeInformation Systems Systems and Data Officer  
Morrison, ColinInformation Systems Storage Officer  
White, DavidInformation Systems Network Officer  

IS Support Team

Avann, ChristopherInformation Systems Helpdesk Officer  
Dickson, DarylInformation Systems Support Officer  
King, LynnInformation Systems Support Manager  
Macdougall, RossNGS AudioVisual Technician (Shared Services)  

IS Development Team

Nicol, GordonSystems Developer  
Osborne, ChrisWeb Developer  
Quadrelli, StephenSystems Developer  
Stuart, TonyInformation Systems Development Manager  

Procurement and Project Support Unit

Hamilton, LizProcurement and Project Support Manager  
Laing, MargaretEstates Administrator  
Porter, JohnProcurement Partner  


Goddard, JamiePlacement Student  
MacMillan, LindaEstates Development Manager  
Moffat, GavinEstates Services Engineer  
Plumb, JackEstates Manager  
Robertson, AlanSite Inspector  
Robertson, CraigEstates Building Officer  
Ryder, GrahamAdministration Operative