Staff Directory


Manuscripts and Archive Collections

Allan, KennethIMP Archive Project Cataloguer  
Baker, KarlaMSS cataloguer (Retro Conservation Project)  
Beattie, RachelJohn Murray Archive Cataloguer  
Castrillo, MariaManuscripts Curator, Political Collections  
Dunn, KennethManuscript and Archive Collections Manager  
Geddes, OliveManuscripts Curator, Social History Collections  
Harrower, SallyManuscripts Curator, Modern Literary Manuscripts  
Hogg, UlrikeManuscripts Curator (Gaelic & Early Modern Collections)  
Lawson, BethanyVolunteer  
McClay, DavidManuscripts Curator, John Murray Archive  
McLean, RalphManuscripts Curator, Long 18th Century  
Metcalfe, AlisonManuscript Curator, Missionary & Military Collections  
Rigden, StephenDigital Archivist  
Stewart, GrahamManuscript Retro-conversion Cataloguer  
Todman, AmyReferendum Project Curator