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Pamphlet advertisement

Pamphlet with David Livingstone photo
Pamphlet advertisment.
[NLS reference: MS.42442].
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This is the cover to the pamphlet for works about David Livingstone made to promote books about him. Look at the portrait of Livingstone on the cover.

Does he appear the way you imagine an explorer to be? Does he appear the way you imagine a Christian missionary to be?

Now, read the title of the pamphlet. It makes a big statement. What expectations do you think this raises of either his work or of his character?

Looking beyond the public image

The pamphlet was an advertisement produced by Livingstone’s publisher John Murray to get people to buy his books.

Examine the portrait again. What message do you think the publisher was trying to convey by choosing it?

Do you think it does a good job of 'selling' Livingstone to the public? Does it enhance Livingstone’s image as a national hero?


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