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The 'Great escapes: Moray' app is free to download from the Apple app store for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It was created with the help of local schools and volunteers. The app will guide you through the Moray sights, from Elgin Cathedral to early reptile footprints!

You can also see layers of historic maps from different time periods, revealing how the town has changed and expanded over time.

'Great escapes: Moray' is a project developed by the National Library of Scotland (NLS) with the support of Elgin Library services. It was sponsored by the Crerar Hotels Charitable Trust.

About the project

The 'Great escapes: Moray' project focuses on 20 points of interest chosen and interpreted by local schools and volunteers. It features layers of historical maps from NLS collections. The 1868-1870 Ordnance Survey map comes installed on the app. The 1904 and 1938 Ordnance Survey maps are available to download and install separately.

In addition to the map layers, there are archive film clips, short audio interviews, images, audio narration, and text. The content was developed in collaboration with the National Library of Scotland and local archives, museums, and libraries in Moray.

The historical content in the app has been drawn from NLS collections, local heritage organisations, or from the participants' personal collections.

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