'Modern Amazons: Pictures of women-helpers in the Great War'

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From 'The Illustrated War News', 22 August 1917, p.35:

On the British Western Front: fair wearers of "tin hats"

Two photos showing two women ambulance drivers

Modern Amazons: Pictures of women-helpers in the Great War — scenes in France

In many directions the war has opened up new channels for the employment of women, in pursuits born of the war and its urgent needs, and, among matters in regard to which ideas have undergone a change, is that of the limited field in which it has been supposed that the energies of woman can be profitably employed. Our first illustration shows two lady ambulance-drivers amongst the ruins upon the Western Front. Our second picture is of ladies who, also, are ambulance-drivers. The steel hats of the first two drivers tell their own tale of the daily and hourly risk which the wearers risk for their country's sake; and, in the second, hand-bags have been exchanged for sand-bags by the plucky women who are helping their country. (Official Photographs)


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