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A multimedia showroom for curators and staff at the National Library of Scotland to share their favourite items from the collections. Watch, listen and get inspired!

  • Francine Millard, Digitisation Manager for the Medical History of British India project, gives a general overview of the British India project and its accompanying website.
  • John Birch, one of our purchase team, talks about his passion for science fiction and some sci-fi highlights in the Library's collections.
  • Modern Scottish Collections Curator Nicola Stratton gives an insight into Scottish witch hunts material in the Library's collections
  • Cate Newton, a former Director of Collections and Research at the Library, talks about highlights from the collections
  • Sally Harrower, Manuscripts Curator, talks about the 7:84 Scotland Theatre Company archive at the National Library of Scotland
  • Mountaineering and Polar Collections Curator Paula Williams introduces items from Captain Scott's last expedition collection
  • Jan Usher, Head of Official Publications, talks about censorship of a little-known pamphlet and its author who was kept off the BBC. Or was he?
  • Andrew Martin, Modern Scottish Collections Curator, talks about Scots language material in the Library's collections
  • Catherine Booth, Science and Technology Curator, looks at material about renewable energy that we have in our Science and Technology Collections
  • Dr Iain Gordon Brown, a former Principal Manuscripts Curator at the Library, introduces items from the Grand Tour — the 18th century's equivalent of the gap year.

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