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From Robert Burns to J K Rowling, discover unique National Library of Scotland resources focusing on language and literature — English, Gaelic, Scots and modern languages.

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Specially designed to support classroom teaching using Library collections.

'"The thirty-nine steps" — 100 years on' explores some of the themes in John Buchan's famous 'shocker'.


'Forgotten women writers: Jane Austen's Scottish sisters' looks at Scottish female writers now largely forgotten but who were best-selling authors in the early 19th century.


The 'Witches in Scottish literature' resource looks at a selection of writing that has been inspired by and features witches.


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Our resource on Christopher Rush's 'A twelvemonth and a day' looks at different aspects of writing and interpretation through source material and video interviews with the author.


Hansel and Gretel

Fairy tales learning resource for primary school teachers which includes activities for creative writing, storytelling, drama and art and design.


Science fiction in Scotland features video interviews with three leading contemporary authors based in Scotland.


Illustration of Othello

Getting started with Shakespeare looks at a selection of characters, scenes and sonnets to help pupils get started in reading and understanding some of Shakespeare's work.


Peter Arnott

'The Ideas Factory' interactive online workshop to help students plan their story before they start writing.


Themes in Focus: Alasdair Gray looks at the creative processes used by Scottish writer and artist Alasdair Gray, using sources from the Gray archive.


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Gaelic Bards of Keppoch

Gaelic text and manuscript detail

Explore the songs of two of Scotland's great Gaelic bards.

Information literacy

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Learn how you can build information literacy skills in the classroom through 'Project Blaster'.

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Andrew Martin

Discover why Scots language is alive and well across all sectors of society. Watch video

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