Gary Gibson

Gary Gibson, science fiction author, talks about the cosmic ideas that inspire his writing and his venture into ebook publishing.

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'Angel stations'

Cover of 'Angel stations'
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Aeons ago, a super-scientific culture known as 'Angels' had left incomprehensible relics all over the galaxy. Among these phenomena were the Stations, whereby human spacecraft could jump instantly from one part of the galaxy to another. And from them the brilliant Angel technology could be explored and exploited. One of these stations orbits the planet Kaspar, where the only other known sentient species outside Earth has been meticulously allowed to continue evolving in its own world of primitive ignorance. But suddenly Kaspar's mysterious 'Citadel' has become the vital key to repelling the fast-approaching threat. At what cost, though, to its native inhabitants … and to the human residents of the orbiting Angel station?

'Final days'

Cover of 'Final days'
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It's the 23rd century and through the advent of wormhole technology more than a dozen interstellar colonies have been linked to Earth. But this new mode of transportation comes at a price and there are risks. Saul Dumont knows this better than anyone. He's still trying to cope with the loss of the wormhole link to the Galileo system, which has stranded him on Earth far from his wife and child for the past several years.


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