Ken MacLeod

Science fiction author Ken MacLeod talks about the inspiration and ideas behind his writing.

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'The star fraction'

Cover of 'The star fraction'
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The first of Ken MacLeod's novels to be shortlisted for the Arthur C Clarke award.

In a turbulent 21st century, Britain is ruled by an absentee Hanoverian royal family and controlled by US / UN technology cops. Security mercenary Mohn Kohn, Janis Taine, a scientist on the run from the US / UN and Jordan Brown, a teenage refugee from a religious fundamentalist cult, become caught up in a series of events controlled by a rogue computer program that could change the world.


'Night sessions'

Cover of 'Night sessions'
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A bishop is dead. As Detective Inspector Adam Ferguson picks through the rubble of the tiny church, he discovers that it was deliberately bombed. That it's a terrorist act is soon beyond doubt. It's been a long time since anyone saw anything like this. Terrorism is history … After the Middle East wars and the rising sea levels — after Armageddon and the Flood — came the Great Rejection. The first Enlightenment separated church from state. The Second Enlightenment has separated religion from politics. In this enlightened age there's no persecution, but the millions who still believe and worship are a marginal and mistrusted minority. Now someone is killing them. At first, suspicion falls on atheists more militant than the secular authorities. But when the target list expands to include the godless, it becomes evident that something very old has risen from the ashes. Old and very, very dangerous.


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