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From House of Commons Parliamentary Papers to Victorian self-help heroes, discover resources that support learning about citizenship, politics and society.

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Specially designed to support classroom teaching using National Library of Scotland collections.

Illustration of a woman with a basket of food

'Lifting the lid on Scottish food history explores Scotland's natural larder through items in the National Library of Scotland's collections.


Skull and crossbones on grave

'Morbid Curiosity: death and dying' looks at items in the general and Official Publications collections which demonstrate the shift in cultural and social attitudes to death.


Photo of Patrick Geddes

The Patrick Geddes page looks at this pioneering social reformer, conservationist, and town planner.


George Washington

The American political history resource highlights collection items that have shaped American politics.


Photo of D H Lawrence 'censored'

Censorship and banned books explores the issues surrounding books that have been banned, censored or challenged around the world.


Samuel Smiles

The 'Heroes' resource features an interactive comic book-style series of short narratives telling the story of four Victorian 'heroes'. Include downloadable worksheets incorporating history, citizenship and drama.


Fife miners' leader John Bird

Labour history in Scotland pages highlight key items from the National Library of Scotland collections focusing on Scottish labour history.


A suffragette

The women's suffrage movement in Scotland resource includes three suggested cross-curricular projects for students on the topic of suffrage.


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Scotland at work

The ideas factory

Learn about the history of working people in Scotland. Visit our labour history page.

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Photo of Jan Usher

Is censorship ever justified on grounds of keeping society safe? Watch this video to find out.

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