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A growing number of services and collections can be accessed remotely from home, work, university, college or wherever you can get internet access.

In our Digital Gallery you will find items from the Library's collections. For example, you can look at Mary Queen of Scots' last letter or Scottish maps dating from the 1560s to the 1920s. Our Scottish Screen Archive provides access to video clips from over 100 years of Scotland's film history.

And if you have a residential address in Scotland, you can register for remote access to our licensed digital collections which will give you access to a huge range of material, such as newspapers, journals and reference works. There is a link to the registration form and more information on the Library's home page.

If you've registered online and do decide to visit the reading rooms in person, you can preorder the books you wish to consult. More information about how to do this is available on our website.

We also have a free remote enquiry service and can answer queries on a wide range of subjects: family history, requests for photocopies, information on books or journals and some more unusual enquiries, like 'How many aeroplanes are there in the sky at one time?'

Sara Sheridan: 'Well, I work from home all the time so, being able to order things online is a real bonus, and you can do that the day before or even a few hours before and then come up and collect the material — which is kind of amazing when you think of how much material there is in the National Library.

Dr Rania Karoula: 'What I like best about the Library is the amount of material that is available to any researcher here. The amount of books, journals, electronic resources and also obviously any rare items, and the fact that it's made available to all of us.'


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