Link with historic location is no more

Centuries-old books that have been stored on the same wooden shelves for more than 180 years have been rehoused in a move that ends the last link with the historical location of collections currently held by the National Library of Scotland.

When it was formed in 1925, the Library took over the national collections that had been gathered by the Advocates' Library since the 1680s. More than 250,000 books continued to be shelved in the Courts Building, which is attached to the Advocates' Library and reached from the National Library by a connecting corridor. While the Courts Building was certainly atmospheric, it presented working difficulties, and the decision was taken to transfer the material to other Library buildings. Among the books moved out was a set of 23 volumes of surveys of Egypt from Napoleonic France, still in the wooden cabinet they arrived in in 1831.

  photo: Courts Building interior

10 January 2003

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