Pont points the way from the Web

A 16th-century map featured on our website has led to a recent re-discovery of the long-forgotten site of a medieval Scottish castle.

The map, produced by Timothy Pont (ca. 1565-1611), who was later minister at Dunnet Parish Church in Caithness, clearly shows a tower house in part of the Black Isle not far from Cromarty. Although archaeologists in the 19th and 20th centuries didn't support the idea of a castle on that site, Pont's map on the Library's website has provided the evidence of its existence at Eathie.

National newspapers reported that a local historian and museum curator made the online discovery and used it to trace the castle's location and the remains of abandoned houses and farm buildings.

Pont's maps were added to the site last year as zoomable, high-quality digital images, and have been a great success. View the collection at: maps.nls.uk/pont/

10 January 2003

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