Scottish History in Print

Two outstanding contemporary commentaries on the 1745 Jacobite rebellion go online for the first time today, together with records of thousands of important historical sources, as part of a new National Library of Scotland web feature.

For the professional and amateur historian alike, our new resource, Scottish History in Print, offers a searchable listing of documents published by historical clubs and societies in Scotland which can be consulted in the National Library of Scotland and other libraries. Its remarkable contents include such items as the parish records of Rothesay from 1658 to 1750, charters from old Scottish burghs, and shipping records from Dumfries and Galloway in 1820.

In addition, two key resources have been scanned using the latest technology for optical character recognition (OCR), making the electronic copy of every page fully searchable. The Lyon in Mourning is a collection of speeches, letters and journals relating to Prince Charles Edward Stewart, compiled between 1746 and 1775. The prince's time in Scotland from 1745 to 1746 is the subject of The Itinerary of Prince Charles Edward Stewart, and the online version features a detailed, zoomable map of his journeys round the country.

To search the documents database or the Jacobite commentaries, go to Scottish History in Print.

21 March 2003

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