Harry Potter og De Vises Sten

The heading is Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone in Danish. We know this because it's the title of one of a set of the first four of Harry Potter novels translated into Danish which have been donated to the Library by author J K Rowling. But Harry's creator hasn't stopped there: through the Christopher Little Literary Agency, she has also given us the four books in Chinese, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Taiwanese, Bulgarian and Catalan! In all, we received 18 sets - eight of them duplicates which can be borrowed for readers by libraries throughout the world via the inter-library lending system. (Our Bulgarian and Catalan editions can be accessed only in the National Library of Scotland.)

  J K Rowling

An indication of the Hogwarts' boy's popularity comes from the fact that some of the Catalan copies are from the 12th impression. Muggles who want to read one of the wizard adventures in translation should contact staff at their local library who will do their best to magic up a copy . . .

23 September 2003

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