Library's website is highly recommended to schools

A 'highly recommended' rating for a 'superb listing of online resources' has been given to the National Library of Scotland's website by a major educational resources evaluator.

Schoolzone is contracted by the Department for Education and Skills to evaluate digital learning resources for the Government's Curriculum Online project. Evaluations are carried out by independent subject specialists from a panel of 400 teachers, based on classroom use over several weeks. The assessor's detailed report on the resource's educational value is then made available online to Schoolzone's 80,000 registered users and also mailed out to every UK school. Highly recommended websites are those which are of special educational merit, but may not be directly relevant to the UK national curriculum.

Of the Library's site, Schoolzone says: 'The digital library alone is a day's browsing: Churchill, Scottish history, images of war - all manner of fantastic images, documents and other materials.' Both our 'Churchill' and 'Experiences of War' features provide material that ties in particularly with school studies in Scotland.

11 December 2003

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