South Asian purchases on the increase

Current publications from and about Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are being added to the National Library of Scotland's foreign collections in increasing numbers, following the decision to dedicate funding for the buying of South Asian material.

Despite the limitations of financial constraints in recent years, our collection of South Asian holdings remains one of the most important of its kind in the UK, and the most important north of Cambridge. The Library has substantial manuscript items relating to the East India Company, the administration of British India, and legal, military, trade and missionary activities. Travel and exploration are prominent themes in the collection as a whole. Particularly important is the India Papers collection - unique in Scotland - comprising more than 4,000 volumes relating to the Imperial Government and the government of many states.

The overall emphasis in current purchasing is on colonial and post-colonial history and on literature in English, with the addition of works of reference and some social science material.

Among our recent South Asian additions are an English translation of the spiritual epic Mahabharata with original Sanskit text, and an investigation of the ideological role of an Islamic group in Pakistani regional conflicts.

See our South Asian Collections page for more information.

26 August 2004

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