'Holiday tales' exhibition now showing on Clydeside

MacBrayne's Glasgow steamers tours book

Glasgow 's Clydebuilt Scottish Maritime Museum at Braehead is currently home to a National Library of Scotland exhibition that traces the growth of tourism in Scotland across nearly 500 years.

Using journals and diaries in the Library's collections, our travelling display Wish You Were Here! records the impressions of ordinary folk who visited Scotland between 1704 and 1937, and offers an insight in Scottish life as others saw it. Postcards, posters, photographs and other exhibits help paint a picture of the changing nature of the country, while charting tourism from its humble beginnings to the integral part it plays in the Scottish economy today.

Trips 'doon the watter' to seaside resorts on the River Clyde are featured in the exhibition, and are part of the 'Clydebuilt' story: see our press release for opening hours and for more about Wish You Were Here! For November and December, the exhibition moves to Cromarty Court House.

24 October 2004

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