Winning designs in craft bookbinding

Stuart Brockman's binding

Designers in craft bookbinding from England and the Netherlands have landed the top prizes in the 2004 Elizabeth Soutar Bookbinding Competition at the National Library of Scotland. From a strong field of entrants, Stuart Brockman (England) won the main award, while Anna Linssen (Netherlands) gained the student prize. Susanne Natterer from Germany and Sayaka Fukuda from England were both commended.

Competition judge Rab Jackson commented on the extremely high quality of entries this year. 'All judges had great difficulty in deciding winners for the competition,' he said. 'I witnessed some fine examples of craft workmanship and design spread over many fine bindings.'

Now in its 12th year, the competition aims to encourage originality and creativity in craft binding and to help advance the practice and development of craft binding skills. The winning entry is donated to the Library's collection of modern craft bindings. This year's winning entries, together with those of previous years, are on display in our Exhibition Hall until 7 March.

25 February 2005

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