Why is Scotland supernatural?

A talk on Scottish interest in the supernatural is one of the key events of a new Edinburgh festival being launched this month on Friday 13.

At the National Library of Scotland on Wednesday 18 May, historian, broadcaster and former NLS curator Louise Yeoman will explore supernatural tales that have been popular with Scots for centuries. Part of Mary King's Ghost Fest, the event is part of a series that also includes paranormal investigations, parapsychology experiments, and night vigils. The Library is in the vicinity of Mary King's Close, the underground 17th-century street off the Royal Mile which is regarded as one of the most haunted places in Scotland.


During her time at NLS, Louise Yeoman uncovered in our manuscripts collections contemporary accounts of witchcraft and witch-hunting. She was also involved in the Survey of Scottish Witchcraft: 1563-1736, which showed that more witches were accused in early modern Scotland than was previously thought.

'Why is Scotland supernatural?' is a free event, but ticketed. Booking information is on our Events page.

12 May 2005

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