Hidden stories from Easterhouse come to NLS

Trondra Local History Group
Trondra Local History Group, with (back, left)
NLS Education Officer Laura Murphy

A local history group from Easterhouse in Glasgow presents a unique publication to the National Library of Scotland today (13 October).

Four years ago the Trondra Local History Group began working on a community project to collect stories and memories from the local housing scheme and the surrounding area. One of the results is a volume called Hidden Histories. Greater Easterhouse: More Than Just a Scheme, which has just been published. The group has worked with the Library during the past year - and its members have become NLS readers.

Hidden Histories features photographs and 'colourful narrative' from interviews with Easterhouse residents. Other information came from sources such as the Scottish Census and university research. Trondra has also produced a touring exhibition, a website, a newsletter and leaflets, and is developing an education pack for local schools. As well as the Library, organisations which have supported or shown interest in the project include John Wheatley College, Glasgow's Open Museum, Glasgow University and the BBC. Among the interviewees was one of the area's famous sons - actor Billy (Lord of the Rings) Boyd.

12 October 2005

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