New partnership formed with Moray Libraries

NLS and Moray group
NLS and Moray representatives

A groundbreaking partnership has been announced between the National Library of Scotland and Moray Libraries which will improve access to the national collections for people in the Moray Council area.

It was a Moray man, Sir Alexander Grant, whose generous donation in the 1920s made the rebuilding of the National Library possible. The new partnership with Moray will ensure wider awareness of NLS, particularly in schools and library-learning centres, and will also lead to joint marketing projects and close co-operation in planning exhibitions.

At a launch event in Elgin, the initiative was welcomed by Councillor Alasdair Urquhart, chair of the Educational Services Committee. 'It will inform library provision across Scotland,' he said, 'And further improve access for those communities distanced by geography from our wonderful national collections, but not distanced by ideas or a thirst for knowledge.

'We are privileged to be working with one of the world's leading research libraries with its world-class collections, services and expertise.'

Martin Wade, National Librarian, said that the groundbreaking development 'will bring national and local resources together in new and imaginative ways for the benefit of both individuals and communities.'

You can read further details in our press release about the launch.

3 November 2005

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