Propaganda — a weapon of the Second World War

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A new resource published on the National Library of Scotland website today takes a look at propaganda from the Second World War.

In 'Propaganda — A weapon of war', you'll find images which represent what British Government departments were producing and distributing on home soil and overseas between 1939 and 1945.

White propaganda was used on the Home Front. Our website selection highlights booklets covering everything from suggestions to housewives for dealing with incendiary devices to 'advice to the fat' that they needn't eat their sweet ration.

Black propaganda was airdropped throughout Nazi-occupied Europe, and often written in the language of the country it was intended for. Most of our images are of items in French or German. They are part of the collection built up by Peter Ritchie Calder, a Scottish journalist. Calder played a key role in the top-secret foreign propaganda unit, the Political Warfare Executive.

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25 May 2006

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