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Planning is under way for a programme of events to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the printing of the first book in Scotland.

At an event in the National Library of Scotland, a website was launched which organisers hope will encourage people around the country to think about ways of marking this significant anniversary in 2008. Leading the anniversary project, '500 Years of Printing in Scotland' are the Scottish Printing Archival Trust, the Scottish Print Employers Federation and NLS.

The earliest dated book printed in Scotland came off a press in Edinburgh's Cowgate. Walter Chepman and Androw Myllar printed 'the Complaint of the Black Knight', a romance by John Lydgate, on 4 April 1508. The only known copy of it is in the rare book collections at NLS, and it will be the centrepiece of our summer 2008 exhibition.

You'll find information about the 'Chepman & Myllar Prints' in our feature on the First Scottish Books. See our press release for more on the anniversary project.

8 June 2006

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