National digital project given green light

Funding has been announced by the Scottish Executive to preserve Scotland's digital heritage.

Up to £1.8 million has been allocated for a two-year project by the National Library of Scotland. It allows us to begin work on establishing a Trusted Digital Repository(TDR) for Scotland. The repository will be a system for storing and preserving a wide range of digital material, including websites. However, it also has to be capable of making such resources publicly available for many years to come, regardless of changes in technology.

This significant step will see NLS developing an innovative system using high-capacity digital storage technology and software. A dedicated team is being recruited to work on the project with partners around the world.

As well as preserving Scotland's digital culture, the repository will let us save legal deposit material in digital format. The Legal Deposit Libraries Act 2003 extended legal deposit to include non-print publications. Secondary legislation will mean we can start collecting this material within the next few years.

23 August 2006

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