NLS buys artwork for Kidnapped graphic novel

'Kidnapped' illustration detail
© Cam Kennedy

Striking new illustrations by a 'giant' in the world of the graphic novel have been bought by the National Library of Scotland.

Cam Kennedy is internationally known for his portrayal of comic book characters such as Judge Dredd, He recently teamed up with writer Alan Grant, whose work also includes Judge Dredd, to produce Robert Louis Stevenson's Kidnapped. This re-telling of Stevenson's classic adventure story is being described as 'a stunning adaptation' produced by 'the absolute dream team'.

NLS has bought Kennedy's artwork in advance of the graphic novel's publication by Ron Grosset, the man who conceived the idea. We will shortly add more of the original material to our collections.

Illustrations from 'Kidnapped'
© Cam Kennedy

The graphic novel will be published on 1 February 2007. That month sees a city-wide campaign in Edinburgh to promote Stevenson's ever-popular adventure story. Kidnapped is the Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature's 'One Book - One Edinburgh' choice. NLS will be putting a digitised version of the 1886 first edition of the book online.

24 November 2006

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